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Be still my beating heart: Chocolate’s 'anti-fluttering' qualities highlighted

The study commented that modern manufacturing of chocolate may result in losses of more than 80% of the original flavonoids from the cocoa beans. "Therefore, it may be advantageous to find ways to consume cocoa in forms other than chocolate bars," the study added. ©iStock/

The link between moderate chocolate intake and lower risk of irregular heartbeat may be due to chocolate’s flavanol content, say researchers.

Werther's Original has the largest market share in the US chewy caramel market.  Photo: Storck

Werther’s Original NPD pairs caramel and chocolate

Image: ©MarsSymbioscience

Mars to enter UK supplement space with cocoa flavanol pills

Organic foods and chocolate with real fruits striking a chord with consumers. ©iStock/studio-fi

Health & wellness chocolate to outpace regular category: Euromonitor

Leading candy firms share outlook and innovation plans for 2017. iStock_Ravitaliy

Transparency and portion-control: Execs at top candy firms set 2017 expectations

Theo Clusters are fortified with the company's own cocoa flavanol extract blend. Photo: Theo

Theo Chocolate introduces heart health quinoa cocoa flavanol clusters

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Cocoa compound shows appetite-controlling potential

A 90% cocoa chocolate can have similar flavanol levels to a 50% cocoa product due to the origin of beans and processing parameters, finds the University of Reading ©iStock/briddy_

Higher cocoa chocolate may not mean more flavanols, say researchers

Study says 100 mg of specific flavanol epicatechin rather than 200 mg of total cocoa flavanols needed to improve blood flow.. Photo: iStock/Patrice_Chenier

Healthy chocolate: EU cocoa flavanol health claim ‘should be revised’, say researchers

Lavlé brand uses Barry Callebaut's 'healthy chocolate' Acticoa

Good Chocolate Company's heart health chocolate comes to UK and Denmark

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