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IT'SUGAR seeks to ‘bring the country together’ with Trump-shaped gummy

Trump gummies are made with 3D technology in China.  Photo: IT'SUGAR

Specialty candy producer IT'SUGAR has launched Trump-shaped gummies at its retail stores across the US and via its website.

Jan-Willem van der Voort, (right) Lareka Confectionery Equipment collects the award for Design Challenge 2017. Picture: Additive Industries.

Lareka redesigns 3D printed sealer arm to increase the quality of chocolate packaging

Dr Martin Seizl, director, gum, Wacker.

Elephant-shaped gum: Wacker highlights 3D printer capabilities

3D Sweets Selfies printed in five minutes for $10

3D-printed candy selfies coming to theme parks

Mintel suggested gum products that offer solutions may prove to be profitable.  Photo: iStock/belchonock

Gum in developed markets needs a boost, Mintel analyst warns

The 3D meringue kiss sweetener Liteez. Picture: Lampados.

Meringue kiss 3D sweetener melts in hot drinks

Wacker to debut its Candy2gum technology at ProSweets 2017. Picture credit: Wacker.

3D-printed chewing gum is ‘a speciality product for the foreseeable future’

Examples of the prototype 3D printed chocolate.

‘Belgian chocolate is hip and happening’ says Barry Callebaut as it moves into 3D printing

Chocolate Candy Cards. Picutre credit: Candy Mechanics.

From licking your own face to chocolate greeting cards: Candy Mechanics celebrates launch

Stratasys has also made made realistic looking prototypes of lollipops on its J750 3D printer. Photo: Stratasys

Stratasys says 3D printed robotic arms are the future of F&B processing

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