‘We will replace Nacional as Ecuador’s fine flavor bean,’ says Sacha Gold creator

Cimarron Cocoa Estates claims its Sacha Gold cocoa is fine flavor and has genetics superior to anything seen before. Photo:Cimarron

High yielding and disease tolerant cocoa Sacha Gold has been deemed fine flavor by a leading US chocolate company and can become Ecuador’s leading variety, says developer Cimarron Cocoa Estates.

Design agency Bulletproof hopes the new packaging design of Stimorol can capture Millennials' attention.

Stimorol gum packaging revamped after Mondelēz said it ‘was failing to stand out’

Wolfgang's new plant in Loganville will potentially hire more than 30 new employees.

Wolfgang Candy plans multi-million-dollar factory amid ‘substantial’ growth

Good health: All sub-categories in the market have grown this year. Pic: iStock ©/ariwasabi

Who’s raising the bar? Top 10 snack bar brand performance in first half of 2016

Photo: iStock/bridex

Cacao extract may improve atopic dermatitis-like symptoms, rodent study

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Retail & Shopper Insights

Quri encourages confectionery and salty snack companies to move products out of the home aisle as both categories see display declines. ©iStock/Ben Harding

A multimillion lost opportunity: Confectioners and snack makers must keep items stocked, says Quri

Illuminated candy floss part of FutureFest exhbit Emporious: The Sweetshop of the Future & the Future of Confectionery. Photo:@_sarah_lu innovation consultant

Light up candy floss, thirst globes & 3D chocolate diamonds – 2020 confectionery trends

Swiss chocolatier adds’ ‘store-within-a-store’ concept in Hong Kong via DFS partnership

Lindt launches 'shop-in-shop' concept in Hong Kong

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Dow and DuPont both have a portfolio of herbicides for crops for cereals, beets and oil seed rape.

EU Commission raises concerns over Dow DuPont merger

The findings in this study show certain odours enhance the thick/creamy taste when paired together. ©iStock

Odours can increase feelings of fullness, study suggests

Focusing efforts entirely on sugar reduction could be detrimental to other health aspects of food, such as keeping fat content low. ©iStock

Companies eager for sugar reformulation could lose sight of healthy goal – experts

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Processing & Packaging

TIPA is seeking new partnership deals for its eco-friendly compostable packaging. ©TIPA

TIPA seeks partnerships for compostable plastic packaging

Picture credit: Riclan. Freegells is the No.1 best seller for Rican.

Riclan to develop sugar free chewing gum for kids

PEZ contiunues to tap into the digital AR generation.

PEZ partners with Zappar for its next gen augmented reality app

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Construction is expected to be complete next year

Mettler Toledo to build plant in Pasco County

Euromonitor pinpoints opportunities in Asia’s burgeoning snack stick market. © iStock/ asherozero00

Strong growth prospects in Asia’s snack stick market, says Euromonitor

BeyondBrands co-founders Marci Zaroff and Eric Schnell: 'Millennials want brands to live their values'

BeyondBrands: 'The future of the natural products industry is about conscious products. Natural is almost so yesterday it’s embarrassing...'

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Regulation & Safety

The study looked into “tensions surrounding the marketing and provision of supposedly ‘unhealthy’ food and drink during such events." ©iStock

Healthy advertising at sporting campaigns under scrutiny in run-up to next Olympics

The association wanted to see children under the age of 2 years avoid foods or beverages with added sugars, including sugar-sweetened drinks. ©iStock

Guidelines not sugar-coated: Limits for children announced

Confectionery part of UK bid to cut sugar 20% by 2020  ©iStock/OcusFocus

Confectionery faces voluntary sugar targets and calorie caps in the UK

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Danish firm Michelsen Chcoolate sources the commodity via Fairtrade's Cocoa Program. Photo: Supplied by Michelsen

Michelsen Chocolate sources 100% Fairtrade cocoa

Yowie has also named Hershey’s ex-international chief as its CEO. Photo: ©iStock/eccolo74 & Yowie

Yowie takes legal action against former contract manufacturer Atlantic Candy

Cloetta board searches for a new CEO as David Nuutinen resigns

Cloetta CEO to step down after a year in the role

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© iStock

Cocoa compound shows appetite-controlling potential

A 90% cocoa chocolate can have similar flavanol levels to a 50% cocoa product due to the origin of beans and processing parameters, finds the University of Reading ©iStock/briddy_

Higher cocoa chocolate may not mean more flavanols, say researchers

Stratasys has also made made realistic looking prototypes of lollipops on its J750 3D printer. Photo: Stratasys

Stratasys says 3D printed robotic arms are the future of F&B processing

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The largest areas of vulnerable forest are in Africa and South America, say researchers. ©iStock/slpu9945

South America & Africa biggest growth risks for palm oil - but upping market initiatives could curb deforestation

Barry Callebaut to brings one-year loan packages to 103,000 farmers through a partnership with IFC and IDH.

Barry Callebaut expects 23% cocoa farmer income boost under credit deal

The study is one of the first definitive pieces of research into the impact of palm oil cultivation – replacing large areas of lowland tropical forest with plantations. ©iStock

Palm oil plantations moving in on lowland forests can damage ecosystem functions

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Popular News

Analyst questions Nestlé US confectionery presence as it faces ‘intense competition’ and it cannot sell key brand KitKat in the market Photo: Nestlé

Nestlé faces ‘tough trading conditions’ for confectionery in US and Brazil

A 90% cocoa chocolate can have similar flavanol levels to a 50% cocoa product due to the origin of beans and processing parameters, finds the University of Reading ©iStock/briddy_

Higher cocoa chocolate may not mean more flavanols, say researchers

Major confectioners ready to discuss Europe-wide calorie cap on portions. ©iStock/piotr_malczyk

Confectionery industry open to pan-EU 250 calorie cap per portion




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