Hindu leader condemns Wrigley candies made with beef-sourced gelatin

Altoids is one of Wrigley's brands that contains beef-derived gelatin.  Photo: Schyler

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed says upset Hindus in the US are seeking “official apology” from the president of Wrigley for non-disclosure of beef in some of its candy products.

Mars’s current chocolate portfolio in India includes Snickers, Galaxy, Mars, Bounty and Twix, in addition to M&M's.  Photo: Mars

Mars launches M&M’s in 'priority market' India

Mondi Poznan makes laminates for MilkyWay chocololate bar packaging.

Mondi recognized by Mars for 0% claim rate on deliveries


ONS recognises “shrinkflation” as reason for smaller (but not cheaper) chocolates

Local chocolate confectioners in West African countries, such as Cameroon, sought to consolidate their market shares.  Photo: ©iStock/LorenzoT81

Local chocolate players remain competitive in West Africa as regional sales set to grow

Africa’s chocolate market set for ‘steady’ rather than ‘dramatic’ growth, says FoodTrending ©iStock/GoldStock

Africa steadily finding its place on the world chocolate map

Wrigley claims two Chi-Town e-liquid flavors violate its trademarks for Doublemint and Juicy Fruit. ©iStock/Roman Samokhin

Wrigley sues e-cig firm for allegedly infringing Doublemint and Juicy Fruit trademarks

goodnessKNOWS how the top 10 UK snack bar brands will handle the launch of Mar's debut in the healthy snacking sector. Pic: Mars

Top 10 UK snack bar brands: goodnessKNOWS how Mars’ debut will change the playing field

CocoVaa said it has nothing to do with Mars' nutritional dietary supplements business, CocoaVia. Photo: CocoVaa

Mars’ case against CocoVaa for trademark infringement likely to continue, says lawyer


Brain-impaired elderly subjects appear to most benefit from cocoa flavanols: Review

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