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Stop the white noise: How can chocolate makers be tempted to bite into cocoa's poverty and child labor crisis?

Heartrending poverty and child labor figures in African cocoa are white noise without suggestions on how they might be reduced ©iStock/MariaArefyeva

Reporting effective approaches to tackle deep-rooted poverty and child labor in the cocoa sector should take precedence over shock headlines, writes ConfectioneryNews’ editor.

Online sales as low as 0.5% in some major markets, but e-commerce is set to grow and evolve very quickly. ©iStock/31moonlight31

E-tail-volution: Why confectionery e-commerce strategies shouldn’t be put on hold

Forecasts and growth drivers: State of the International Confectionery Industry report available now

Over 890 confectionery industry professionals give 2017 outlook

Visitor numbers stable, but fewer buyers from China and the UK at this year's ISM

The buzz: Innovations from ISM & ProSweets 2017

Honest backstory can give brands a competitive edge, says market analyst and Project7 CEO ©iStock/Michail_Petrov-96

Storytelling can be powerful supporting act for confectioners, but product is king

Gin & tonic chocolate and sushi chocolate gift boxes among ConfectioneryNews' ISM picks

Buffalo milk chocolate & more: On-trend candy and chocolate NPD at ISM Cologne

Confectionery and ice cream tax abolished in Finland and country has proposed no new tax to cover high sugar foods. Pic: ©iStock/maxsattana

Confectionery taxes doomed to fail in EU after Finland ruling?

State of the Global Confectionery Industry survey to assess business outlook for 2017

Votes mean prizes: ConfectioneryNews’ State of the Industry survey 2017

Poll finds majority of global confectionery industry hesitant on Trump presidency. ©iStock/creisinger

Confectionery industry predicts business outlook under Trump presidency

What effect will America's new leader have on global confectionery trade? ©iStock/scarletsails

What does a Trump win mean for the confectionery industry?

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