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Theo Chocolate enters Canada

Rising demand for Theo's non-GMO and Fair Trade USA certified products prompt it to explore new markets
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Bean-to-bar chocolate maker Theo Chocolates has taken its first steps outside of the US by entering retail stores in Canada as demand for ethical products rises in North America.

The company is now present in four Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan).

By the end of 2013 the firm’s products will be sold in around 4,000 grocery, drug, and specialty stores across North America.

“Our expansion represents an increase in demand for high-quality products that are made with social and environmental impacts in mind,” said Joe Whinney, Theo founder and CEO.

Theo’s products are organic, Fair Trade, Fair for Life, and non-GMO certified. The firm claims to pay more than twice the conventional market price per pound for cocoa.

It expects to pay almost US $1m in premiums to cocoa farmers in 2014.

The company was founded in 2006 and it employs 95 people at its factory in Seattle, Washington.

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