Smells like change for Deo perfumed candy: New name, scent and packaging

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, Deo Perfume Candy announces name change

Goodbye Deo, hello Aroma CandyPerfumed candy’s new name, lavender scent and packaging seeks to sedate high consumer expectations and go after a more “universal” appeal.

The candy – which releases a subtle smell through the skin when metabolized after exercise – will be available in a new lavender scent, under a brand new name, in new purse-sized tin boxes from April.

The company said its old name, Deo Perfume Candy, had too many associations with deodorant, leading consumer expectations of effects to be too high. It hopes rechristening the product with the name Aroma Candy will suggest a more subtle aromatizing property, while the introduction of a lavender variety will have a more universal appeal across gender and tastes.

The perfumed candy formerly known as…

A spokesperson for the company told ConfectioneryNews the old name may have been part of the reason for some consumers’ perception that the candy could replace deodorant or perfume. She said this was never the intention of the product which simply has the ability to produce a subtle, fresh floral aroma that slowly perspires through the skin when a person is active.

“The manufacturer would like the new packaging to emphasize the aromatizing properties of the product (aroma - as in subtle scent), as opposed to the incorrect associations that many people make between the name ‘Deo’ and the word ‘deodorant,’” the spokesperson said.

Wake up and smell the lavender

The candy, co-manufactured by Bulgarian confectionery firm Alpi and Beneo, is already available in an original rose petal variety. Much like its predecessor, the new lavender candy contains geraniol lavender oil that evaporates through the skin when consumed. Outside of this scent change, the ingredients of the lavender-scented candy will be identical to the rose scented sugar and sugar-free versions.

The spokesperson said the sweet does not taste of perfume, with consumers reporting a sweet, fruity taste. She said this new lavender scent could hold more universal appeal across males and females when compared to the rose version. However, she also commented that in China, where the company is currently gaining steam, the rose version had been well received due to cultural perceptions of the ingredient’s benefits. She added that anecdotal evidence had also suggested that the candy is more effectively metabolized by Chinese consumers yet they were unable to comment on the reasons behind this.

Purse-sized boxes

As part of this new look, both scents will be available in purse-sized embossed tin boxes, the designs of which are currently being finalized. It is estimated that the new packaging will cost the manufacturer 35-40% more, but the retail price should remain the same. The firm hopes the boxes, each containing around 12 sweets, will make the product more accessible and transportable. 

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