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Nestlé trials novel ad concept with KitKat CAPTCHA

Catpcha advertising a first for the confectionery industry, says KitKat ad developer
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Nestlé UK has introduced an interactive KitKat CAPTCHA to raise brand awareness online.

CAPTCHAs are a common security feature where web visitors are asked to rewrite distorted words to prove they are human and not a computer bot.

Nestlé’s interactive PlayCaptcha ad compels users to swipe their finger along the foil to open a KitKat, either by using their finger on a touch screen or with a mouse on a PC.

Gill Watson, KitKat business unit head at Nestlé UK & Ireland Confectionery said: “At KitKat we always try to find new and interesting ways for consumers to enjoy our product, so PlayCaptcha is an exciting way to extend our Have Break brand equity”

The ad was created in collaboration with Future Ad Labs and JWT London.

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