Hindu leader condemns Wrigley candies made with beef-sourced gelatin

Altoids is one of Wrigley's brands that contains beef-derived gelatin.  Photo: Schyler

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed says upset Hindus in the US are seeking “official apology” from the president of Wrigley for non-disclosure of beef in some of its candy products.

Atari's retro video game Breakout was popular in the Seventies and Eighties. Photo: Flickr/Fuyuan Cheng

Nestlé sued by Atari for KitKat 'Breakout' marketing

Walnut Whip is one of the Nestlé’s oldest brands. Photo: Nestlé

Nestlé defends new Whip chocolates for not including walnut

UK chocolate exports down in volume; up in value in H1 ©iStock/Tashatuvango

UK chocolate exports grow in value driven by premium brands

TrySome targets health-conscious consumers with samples

How do you get honest feedback from target consumers without breaking the bank?

PHE facts on childhood obesity via @PHE_uk

UK targets calories in next phase of childhood obesity plan

Mondelēz has launched an Oreo cookie with a brownie batter center in the UK. Pic: Mondelēz

Mondelēz launches Oreo Choc’O Brownie in UK

Trump gummies are made with 3D technology in China.  Photo: IT'SUGAR

IT'SUGAR seeks to ‘bring the country together’ with Trump-shaped gummy

Euromonitor says high cocoa chocolate products are well received in Japan.  Photo: ©iStock/violet-blue

Health perception of chocolate drives sales in Japan: Euromonitor

Brands could look to roasted jackfruit seeds if cocoa demand outstrips supply, say researchers ©iStock/greenaperture

Potential cocoa substitute: Jackfruit seeds create chocolate aroma, say researchers

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